Toothy: So, if you're back for good now Chrony, you know what that means? We've got to get back into that training I promised ya! Ha, we could could be sparring partners!

Flexing his arms the Dragonite looks confident.

"Spar with you? SURE! I’ve changed up my moves…come to think of it we’ve never sparred before. But we can totally go a few rounds. Much more equal footing now that we’re both at our final forms. We can even take to the air for one of those Sky Battles that Shelds and Terry had while they were in Kalos!"

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Since EVERYONE will be available (Team Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos) I’ve been trying to think of a good URL that encompasses all of it. Any suggestions?

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Weather approaches Steve. He reaches into his jacket and hands Steve a CD. "Here. I remember you said music nowadays has no soul or meaning. I made you a mixed CD of songs to prove you wrong."

Steve chuckled. “Great it’s like I’m seeing double now…thanks. When everything is pulled out of storage I’ll add it to the house’s music collection.”


Remember the old gang? THEYRE BACK!! I’ll be taking advantage of the writing spree in order to get new refs up for everyone! As well as drawing out team Unova and Kalos refs!

I decided that as much as I like having this blog it’s no longer just about Tums it hasn’t been for a while. So I’m gonna have it as a rotating character wheel! You can send in asks for every one but the only character who will answer is the one who has control over the icon (like how Chrono has it now)

For now Chrono and Steve are open for questions (text based until I get everything in order!)

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Time to Go?

As the sun rose on a new day a lone figure stands on the edge of a cliff looking out to sea. Chrono, who had returned briefly for the Dragon Games held by Taoth, gazed upon the ocean.

"It’s calm today…"

As he spoke to himself he stretched out his wings. He had to head back to his family. It was a long flight back to the “middle of friggen no where” as Shelds put it. He was regretting his decision to stop the gym challenge in Kalos for this expedition having turned out to simply be muscle instead of a researcher.

"Maybe one day we’ll be back for good. Then I wouldn’t have to do so many good byes."

His mind wandered to thoughts of his friend, namely Toothless and Taoth. What a tangled Spinarak’s web he got himself in, but at least things are at peace for now. His father always warned him about love and how painful it could be, but it was calming for him.

"Time to go."

Chrono started to flap his wings, slowly lifting off the ground and kicking up dirt. Once off the ground he looked ahead to the horizon. Flapping furiously he built up momentum to launch himself forward with Extreme Speed. It was never good for long distances but always great for a good start. Flying forward he almost collided with a bird heading straight for him.




Hearing his father, Steve, Chrono spread his wings wide to come to an abrupt stop.

"W-what are you doing here? I was just headed back to you guys."

"Well…shortly after you left Shelds got into an argument with the lead explorer and told him off. He contacted Professor Rowan to send someone else to be the unpaid muscle because he was headed home. Come to think of it…They should be reaching the house right about now."



"Who you speak to?"

"The house Tums! Gotta let it know we’re back!!"


"So…we’re staying?"


Overjoyed Chrono grabbed the Staraptor and did consecutive flips in the air. Chrono was happy that he really didn’t have to say good bye again.

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It’s not that far from here and you should be able to get there whenever you want. 

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My friends are just Taoth and Toothless. Chrysa is back at her place with her Chespin friend. Things are wrapping up here, dude. You just need to chill.

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Friend Code for Friend Safari


My code is 3196-3458-8201 and my safari is Combee, Illumise, and Venomoth. I’m looking for more safaris to explore! If you have a Teddiursa in your safari I want to get it so I can hunt for a shiny one!

So if we haven’t traded FC yet…let’s do that now.

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Bahahahahahaha! If you don’t know what this is reference to, click here. Happy Fool’s Day! ))

(( askpolitoed or ask-firefly-the-raichu

Bahahahahahaha! If you don’t know what this is reference to, click here. Happy Fool’s Day! ))

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